Enhancing the UV Durability of Epoxy Coatings: Waterborne Acrylic-Epoxy Hybrid Coatings for Steel

From JPCL, March 2018

By Hank Bernacki, Zhenwen Fu, Bingquan Li, Denise Lindenmuth and Leo Procopio, The Dow Chemical Company

The challenge with epoxy chemistry is maintaining all of the excellent coating properties such as adhesion, corrosion resistance and chemical/solvent resistance while improving upon its weaknesses such as flexibility, potlife and UV durability. The Type III acrylic/epoxy systems improve upon UV durability, but with slow cure speed and property development. This article describes a new acrylic-epoxy hybrid polymer technology for 2K waterborne coatings that addresses these issues....

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Tagged categories: Bisphenol A; Bisphenol A (BPA); Coating Materials; Coating performance; Epoxy; Epoxy amine; UV resistance

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