Challenges Encountered with In-Process Cleaning and Painting of Buildings

From JPCL, Spring 2017

By Kenneth A. Trimber, KTA-Tator, Inc.

Get answers to questions regarding surface preparation, application and final thickness or appearance....

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Tagged categories: Adhesion; Air spray; Airless spray; Applied film thickness; ASTM; Building owners; Coating / Film thickness; Coating failure; Commercial Buildings; Concrete masonry units (CMU); Dry Film Thickness (DFT); Dry spray; Drywall; Exterior coatings; Exterior painting; Exterior Wall Coatings; Failure analysis; Kenneth A. Trimber; Laboratory testing; Masonry; Meters and gauges; Overcoating; Overspray; Paint and coatings removal; Paint Removal; Peeling; Power washing; Site/field testing; Specifiers; Surface preparation; Surface Preparation - Commercial; Thickness gauge; Ultrasonic thickness gauge; Wet film thickness; Wet film thickness gauge

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