Russian Roulette: Coating Performance With or Without a Sulfide Removal Treatment

From JPCL, November 2016

By Dr. Yasir Idlibi, MICHAL Consulting; Jason Hartt, ADANAC Global Testing & Inspection; Dr. Mike O’Donoghue and Vijay Datta, MS, International Paint LLC; and Bill Johnson, AScT, Acuren Group Inc.

Is there such a thing as “blind chance”? Enter the realm of cause and effect and lining performance. Failing to see sulfide contaminants on a so-called ready-to-be-coated steel surface may be like not seeing the bullet in the chamber in a game of Russian roulette — not necessarily good for longevity in either case....

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Tagged categories: Chlorides; Laboratory testing; Mike O'Donoghue; Performance testing; Quality Control; Sulfide Removal Treatment; Surface preparation; Surface profile; Vijay Datta

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