Induction Heating for Cold Weather Preheating and Post-Curing Of Liquid Epoxy Coatings On Gas Pipeline Girth Welds

From JPCL, February 2016

By Bruce J. Wiskel, P.E., Pacific Gas & Electric Company; and J. Peter Ault, P.E., Elzly Technology Corporation

The authors discuss the challenges of applying coatings to transmission pipeline when the surface temperature dips below 50 F and determine that the optimum approach for cold weather coating application on girth welds is to use the existing approved epoxy coatings with induction preheat of the pipe during surface preparation, coating application and cure....

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Tagged categories: Coating Application; Curing; Epoxy; Girth welds; Heaters; Induction heating; Laboratory testing; Paint application; Performance testing; Pipeline; Pipelines; Site/field testing

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