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Positive Displacement Proportioning of Two-Component Intumescent Epoxies for Passive Fire Protection
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By Eric Rennerfeldt, Graco, Inc.

Presented at SSPC 2014; Session: Tools of the Trade: Application and Inspection of Coatings; Session chair: Russ Brown, Polygon

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In today’s protective coating industry, there is a growing demand to proportion and spray 100% solids coatings that have a high viscosity and are composed of materials that make them compressible. Epoxy intumescent fireproofing is one such material. When using plural component equipment, if a material is compressible, equipment parameters may have an impact on the spray applied mix ratio. Factors include agitation, feed pressure, spray pressure, temperature, material composition and compressibility. These factors are not often understood, and for most high solids coatings, compressibility has subtle to no impact, but when a material is thick enough to entrap air, equipment factors may have impact on a coatings performance and end-properties.

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