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Slip Coefficient and Tension Creep Testing of Coatings Used in Slip-Critical Bolted Connections
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By William D. Corbett, PCS, KTA-Tator, Inc.

Presented at SSPC 2012; Session: Field and Laboratory Testing; Session chair: Dudley Primeaux

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Appendix A of the AISC Specification for Structural Joints Using High Strength Bolts, published by the Research Council on Structural Connection,s describes the testing methods to determine the slip coefficient of coatings used in bolted connections. This presentation describes the importance of establishing the slip coefficient of faying surfaces, and presents the “soup‐to‐nuts” process associated with testing and certifying coatings used in slip‐critical connections — from test panel fabrication to surface preparation, coating application (including thinning, thickness and curing variables), selection of mating surfaces, testing for resistance to slip and tension creep, and data reporting, including A, B and C classifications. Data from various generic coating types previously tested is presented, and research needs are described. Finally, the importance of application and curing of the coating in the shop or field according to the variables employed during testing and certification is reinforced.

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