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Novel Waterborne One-Pack (1K) Epoxy Technology for Corrosion Protection
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By Dr. Florian Lunzer, Cytec Industries

Presented at SSPC 2013; Session: Green Evolution II; Session chair: Steve Reinstadler

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Traditional one-pack (1K) air-drying coating systems such as modified alkyds or acrylics are capable of satisfying corrosion category C3 (ISO 12944-2) whereas, two-pack (2K) epoxy technology are necessary to meet C5 category. A novel waterborne 1K-epoxy resin, based on cationic epoxy-amine technology, has been developed that bridges the corrosion performance gap between traditional 1K and 2K room temperature drying systems. Critical aspects, benefits and challenges of the novel waterborne 1K epoxy versus traditional 1K and 2K coating systems will be explored. Benefits of the novel 1K epoxy technology include: very low VOC, no pot life issues, fast drying, labeling free (not corrosive and does not contain sensitizing amine hardener) and capable of reaching C4 level corrosion protection.

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