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Ninja Goggles Protect from Overspray

Thursday, June 20, 2013

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Using air as a barrier, new Ninja goggles shield painters from overspray, according to manufacturer ProBlocker.

The patent-pending goggles "use air itself to create a barrier where paint cannot accumulate and that resists paint particles from entering the eyewear," according to the Hawaii-based manufacturer of protective slit eyewear.

ProBlocker Ninja
Photos: ProBlocker

Developer Kendall Kikuyama hopes his goggles will help painters avoid the temptation to skip the use of protective eyewear.

Ninja goggles "guard the eyes and allow vision without requiring cleaning or adjustment so that painters can continue working without interruption," ProBlocker says.

'Raccoon' Eyes

The goggles were developed by company president Kendall Kikuyama, who reports more than 45 years of experience in the painting industry. Kikuyama "became concerned about eye health and safety after seeing too many workers with spray-painted 'raccoon' eyes after finishing spray jobs," the company said.

“I constantly see and hear about painters who forgo eyewear when spraying because they find it
too inconvenient,” said Kikuyama.

ProBlocker Ninja

By sealing the air space around the user’s eyes, the goggles create a pocket of dead air that acts as a barrier to paint particles, the company says.

The Ninja spray goggles consist of a plastic frame with an open viewing slit in the center of each lens. By sealing the air space around the user’s eyes, the goggles create a pocket of dead air that acts as a barrier to paint particles, allowing painters to see through the slits even if airborne paint mist is deposited on the frame, the company says.

The goggles can be used alone or as an enhancement to safety glasses.

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Comment from Anthony Kavouris, (6/20/2013, 11:50 AM)

Not a good idea. The air pocket can not protect the eyes from projectiles that are heavier than atomized paint. Many years ago one of the equipment companies had an air fed spray hood on the market that had an air stream to protect the worker's eyes. This clear plastic spray hood had a hard hat suspension system and an oval opening at the eyes where an air stream came out of a plastic tube that was attached inside the hood above the bridge of the wearer's nose. This respirator worked quite well because the positive pressure spray hood and the air stream flowing downwards in front of the wearer's eyes kept the atomized overspray out of the person's eyes. This was the best thing around for industrial spray painters until eventually this respirator was outlawed throughout the land because the air stream as well as the positive pressure could not protect the wearer's eyes from the risk of heavier projectiles or particles flying off the painted surface and hitting the person in the eyes. Now maybe if the goggle's developer can make the Ninja Goggles air pocket strong enough to earn the ANSI Z87.1-1968 rating, then he may have a great product to offer, but until then I won't recommend this type product to our workers.

Comment from Kendall Kikuyama, (6/20/2013, 5:53 PM)

This is to address the (Not a good idea)comment from Anthony Kavouris. "The air pocket can not protect the eyes from projectiles that are heavier than atomized paint." THIS IS AN ABSOLUTELY CORRECT STATEMENT. Please note the last line in the News Article, "The goggles can be used alone or as an enhancement to safety glasses." I can see more explanation is needed from us. What it means is the sprayman has a choice to use the Ninja goggles alone or choose to use it directly over his preferred Anti-Fog safety glasses, to block overspray from getting onto it to preserve his view. With the Ninja spray goggles, the painter now has choices as to how much eye protection he wants. Under certain unusual conditions some overspray may get into the goggles. However, we know many spray painters use nothing at all because they don't want to deal with the frustration and lost time that comes with current overspray eyewear protection. For this reason we developed the Ninja spray goggles.

Comment from Michael Deaton, (6/24/2013, 5:54 AM)

the actual idea of these glasses is good but from a painters stand point, if u notice the overspray on the glasses in the first picture, your visibility is cut down to virtually nothing. as bridge painters, we work heights exceeding 100' feet and being able to see where you are stepping is manditory. as tony stated, the spray hoods were effective but they also had problems with visibility issues and they tended to try and lift off of the painters head when excessive amounts of air was coming out of the supply hose into the paint hood. i find tear away paint goggles work the best, the ones with the replaceable rolls.

Comment from Kendall Kikuyama, (6/27/2013, 4:00 AM)

The spray painter in the Press Release photo above had just finished spraying the interior of a two story house with 30 gallons of paint. He never stopped spraying because he kept "clear" vision throughout his work until he finished less then 2 hours later. I agree that most all good overspray eyewear blocks out overspray very well, until, spray mist gets on it and steals the "clear" vision which is mandatory to do good painting work. At that point, all protective eyewear requires the painter to stop and manipulate the eye protection in order to regain a degree of vision in some cases clear vision is lost. Overspray rides in the air, the trapped air within the Ninja spray goggles occupy/reserves the interior space of the eyewear so outside air carrying spray mist past by the viewing slits of the Ninja. Spray mist that accumulate on the outside of the eyewear will diminish peripheral vision the more spray mist the more is lost. However, the painter will still be able to work because he still maintain clear view through the viewing slits, clear vision is necessary for all painters because painting requires the absolute use of your eyes. In 45 years, I have not met a blind painter yet.

Comment from Truc Do, (11/4/2015, 4:41 AM)

Please stay in workers' boots then you can see how effective these ninja goggles are. In terms of safety and quality, clear vision is the most important and I have found ninja goggles are the best.

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