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Top Reasons I Hate My Cubicle
Damned near impossible...
4/22/2014 N/a
Steven Wrightisms
Every so often, I like to stick...
1/7/2013 1.2 out of 5
How To Lose That Extra Weight!
2/6/2013 1.2 out of 5
Grave News
A patient was at her doctor's office after undergoing a complete physical exam...
6/16/2010 1.3 out of 5
The Zen Buddhist Monk
A Zen Buddhist monk in his saffron robes walks the streets of New York...
3/31/2010 1.4 out of 5
Shamefully Honest Percentage Groups We Wish Existed
I started out incredibly...
2/21/2012 1.4 out of 5
How To Lose That Extra Weight!
Wrapping it up...
2/8/2013 1.4 out of 5
Different ways to say you’re not so bright
As smart as...
11/30/2012 1.4 out of 5
Wacky Matches
If Liv Ullman...
12/3/2012 1.4 out of 5
It Was Nothing
There were still a few...
4/8/2014 1.4 out of 5
What does it mean...
4/1/2014 1.5 out of 5
Report Card
How are you getting on...
5/14/2013 1.5 out of 5
The Biggest Lies Ever Told
She means...
4/10/2012 1.5 out of 5
Top Ten Bad Things About Having a Summer Time Share with Darth Vader 4/11/2012 1.5 out of 5
Things I learned from TV:
All crimes are...
10/14/2010 1.5 out of 5
Business Plan
“My son decided to go...
2/23/2011 1.5 out of 5
The Dyslexic Agnostic
Did you hear about the...
4/9/2010 1.6 out of 5
The Biggest Lies Ever Told
I’ve never done anything...
4/13/2012 1.6 out of 5
The Biggest Lies Ever Told
Of course I...
4/4/2012 1.6 out of 5
Simon Says
Simon, if I...
5/25/2012 1.6 out of 5
Shamefully Honest Percentage Groups We Wish Existed
I was raised in a middle-class...
2/20/2012 1.6 out of 5
How To Lose That Extra Weight!
Going over...
2/13/2013 1.6 out of 5
How To Lose That Extra Weight!
Wading through...
2/4/2013 1.6 out of 5
Steven Wrightisms
It’s a small world...
1/9/2013 1.6 out of 5
Poisoned Car
Not realizing...
8/28/2013 1.6 out of 5
Learning the Hard Way
Two Eskimos sitting...
10/30/2013 1.6 out of 5
No Pain, No Gain.
Did you hear about...
11/5/2013 1.7 out of 5
Fear of Commitment
At the end of our first date...
11/18/2013 1.7 out of 5
Happy Hunting
Two hunters were relaxing...
11/25/2013 1.7 out of 5
Wacky Matches
If Oprah...
11/29/2012 1.7 out of 5
News Headlines
Survivor of Siamese...
4/19/2013 1.7 out of 5
You Know You're Getting Old When
Your car insurance...
12/16/2011 1.7 out of 5
Peak Efficiency
The unit engineer had just...
2/15/2011 1.7 out of 5
Have Patience
Sam had just proposed...
2/24/2011 1.8 out of 5
A struggling actor...
2/3/2011 1.8 out of 5
A Riddle
A rapist, a gangster...
2/11/2011 1.8 out of 5
Cocky Condiment
What did the vinaigrette say...
11/29/2010 1.8 out of 5
The New Math
What did one math book...
12/5/2011 1.8 out of 5
Too True
How many politicians...
1/18/2012 1.8 out of 5
That's Cold
I just got off the phone...
2/23/2012 1.8 out of 5
What a Sight
A man goes to an optician...
9/19/2011 1.8 out of 5
You Know You're Getting Old When
You look for your glasses...
10/3/2011 1.8 out of 5
News Headlines
Lansing Residents...
4/16/2013 1.8 out of 5
Did you hear...
3/28/2013 1.8 out of 5
It has come to my attention...
1/23/2013 1.8 out of 5
Honoring a Warranty
The man charged into...
2/28/2013 1.8 out of 5
Scientific Breakthrough
The Army has been trying...
5/15/2013 1.8 out of 5
Big Mistake
Last night I reached...
4/24/2013 1.8 out of 5
Heavenly Advice
So Moses is...
7/19/2013 1.8 out of 5
Check Your Itinerary
The traveling salesman’s...
7/22/2013 1.8 out of 5

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